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Hello families and friends, 

This is our last English post of the school year…we are having bittersweet feelings while we say goodbye to a fantastic school year. We feel grateful for all the new things we learnt, the experiences we had, how much fun it was and the amazing bond we have built. 

For this last post we wanted to show you what we have been working on from our last unit. The Elephants have been learning about pets and reviewing past concepts that will get them ready for P4.👍🏻 The Horses are closing the year learning about different types of weather and their respective types of clothes and the ABC’s song. Enjoy their video singing! 😊

The Giraffes have definitely been very busy preparing for their graduation but they have also worked on the months of the year and their birthday month. 💯

Take a look and enjoy these last pictures. Thank you Elephants, Horses and Giraffes for being so special, we have loved being your teachers. You are amazing!❤️

With love,

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