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Hello families and friends! 

How beautiful autumn is! Not only beautiful but also sweet! Yummy! 

We found out this by learning about autumn fruits (,,,) and tasting them. That’s not all! Now we can count them too. As you can see in the pictures, we have been learning numbers through activities this month. 

Moreover, do you know that we also remember you in our activities? We already know the vocabulary of the family members (mummy, daddy, brother, sister and baby)!

Take a look at the pictures and enjoy with us. What fun!



Hola famílies!Les girafes hem descobert el llimoner de l’escola!Dins del Projecte Alimenta’t amb seny, vam voler conèixer de ben a prop fruites i hortalisses de temporada.Vam visitar als més petitons de l’escola, doncs a la seva terrassa tenen un bonic llimoner. El...

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