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Hello families and friends, 

Today we want to show you what we have been up to in the last few weeks. English class is always packed with fun and interesting activities! 

The Elephants have learned more about spring; observe the flowers carefully, admire our vegetable jarden at school, water the plants and look up the Magnolier were some of the activities we did. By the way we spoke about weather changes very common in spring, and breathing fresh air in the playground completes this amazing activity.  

In addition, our Elephants have the chance to paint their faces! 

The Horses enjoyed an Easter Egg Hunt! They looked for Easter printed eggs at the playground and had a lot of fun! They have been learning numbers and practicing counting different things all around. They also have been improving their vocabulary learning the names of Flash Fox’s toys and some others they use to play with everyday. They had some good times singing, specially the “Five little fishes” song. 

The Giraffes have been mastering new vocabulary words from unit 5 with various activities. A few of the them participated in a Big Vocabulary Matching Game while another group worked on a Where Do They Belong? activity… they had to properly place the type of transportation where it belongs and then label it.

Another activity was to discover the color gray by mixing black and white paint and then finger-paint a super cool airplane. Last, but not least, we have also been working with the concepts of over and under, applying them correctly into simple sentences. 

Until next time, 



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