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Hello families and friends, 

The school year has started and we are very happy to meet our new English Class mascots with whom we are going to have lots of new adventures in our learning process. The Elephants are getting to know Kelly, a very sweet Kangaroo from Australia. They have been enjoying a lot with her stories, games and activities! They are discovering new words, new songs and rhymes that make their days so special. The Elephants are enjoying the english sessions and are so motivated with all the surprises that Kelly has for them!

The Horses met Flash, a very funny Fox from the United Kingdom that loves to play and sing songs! The Horses have already started learning new vocabulary and refreshing their memories with the Daily Routine. This year they will have the opportunity to be mini teachers, as you can see! 

The Giraffes are loving Bobby Bear, from the United States. They are also learning new vocabulary words by playing games! Take a look at the pictures!

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