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Hello families and friends, 

Today we would like to show you one of our favorite parts of our Daily Routine from our TET English class…it’s the weather!! As you know, right after we say hello to Mr. Ducky and the teacher, we ask a very important question: What’s the weather like today? Is it sunny? Rainy? Cloudy? Windy? May we see a rainbow today? 

All four P2 classes, the Cargols, Ocells, Granotes and Esquirols have been learning about natural phenomenons and they are making lots of interesting connections during English time while we do the weather part of the Daily Routine. It has been very enriching both for teachers and students!

They love to sing the weather songs because not only we get to look outside to see the weather, but we get to play with Mr. Sun, Mr.Cloud, our colorful umbrella and windmill, and of course, Mr. Rainbow. 

Miss Jenny and Miss Daniela like to make up games and dance with all of the weather materials. We have so much fun and a great start to our English class! Enjoy our pictures!

Until next time, 



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