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We are the Giraffes and, as you all know, our best friend is Bobby Bear. We sang a song for him in the Christmas concert, do you remember it?

As we love him so much, we are knowing him better: his likes and dislikes, where he lives, what he can or can’t do, his favourite games and food…

At the moment, we have discovered that he lives in the forest with his family, surrounded by trees. His favourite food is honey! And he can obtain it because there are bees in the forest. He also loves apples and we play “Who ate the apple from the apple basket?” game with him, we laugh a lot!

He can dance, swim and walk just like us! His face parts are very similar than ours; two eyes, one nose, one mouth, two ears… the only difference is that he is a bear and he has fur on his body.

We were also discovering the flavour of different food, to know if their taste was as sweet as the honey… Would you like to see our adventure?

We are very glad to know Bobby deeply!

Giraffes and Miss Mia


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