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Hello families and friends, 

We are super happy to let you know that our English classes have started. During these first weeks we have been getting to know our new friends and class pets that will accompany us throughout this wonderful school year. The Elephants, Horses and Giraffes have started bonding with Kelly, Flash and Bobby, learning about the things they like and how they behave. 

As you know, each year all of our children have the opportunity to take home their pet on a weekend to spend time with it and share their pictures in a big book. This year, as it is different because of the Covid-19 measures, we aren’t going to be able to do it as before. That is why we have made beautiful puppets of Kelly, Flash and Bobby to take home and have created a digital photo album where they will share the pictures. 

As you can see in the pictures, we have had lots of fun painting and making our own personal pet puppets! The Giraffes have also enjoyed making drawings of themselves with Bobby and practicing greeting between each other. 

We hope you enjoy the new version of our “Big Book” activity at home, 

With love, 




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