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Hello families and friends,

For this blog post I wanted to share with you a bit of how our English classes are going with the little ones of our school. I dedicate this post to the P0 and P1 classes to show how they are enjoying and learning new TET songs.

During the past month of February and during these last weeks of March, we have been working on new songs and chants from the Moon program. The songs Five Red Apples and Finger Song introduce to children the numbers from 1-10 and the counting process. On another hand, the Body Song, Color Rhyme, and Clap Your Hands are more about body parts and movement.

In the video you will see the classes following me while I sing the songs with them, some of them already start to imitate the gestures, others watch attentively…but the best is that all of us have lots of fun during English time!

Hope you enjoy!


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