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Hello dear families and friends!

We have to show you something we have been working on for the last month! 

The theme of preserving the planet is very popular today. So we have talked about the ocean and how sometimes animals get caught in the garbage that people throw away. Take a look at how we managed to make them free! 

We have also learned the vocabulary of the sea animals, we have drawn them and read some books. 

As you can see we had a lot of fun! We hope you enjoy the moments we share with you!



Hola famílies!Les girafes hem descobert el llimoner de l’escola!Dins del Projecte Alimenta’t amb seny, vam voler conèixer de ben a prop fruites i hortalisses de temporada.Vam visitar als més petitons de l’escola, doncs a la seva terrassa tenen un bonic llimoner. El...

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