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Hello families and friends, 

For today’s blog post we would like to share with you a little bit of how we make the English language present in the days of your little ones during school. English is not only taught during English Class, it is also encouraged during playground time.

We, the teachers, make sure the children engage in different activities and games that promote communication in English.

Both Giraffes and Horses, together with some Elephants, play games during playground time like: “Duck, Duck, Goose”, “The Spider Web”, “The Statues”, “The Witch”, “Music/Dancing Hoola-Hoops”, “The Broken Telephone”, etc… They also like activities like painting on the ground with color chalks and enjoy listening to storytelling. Sometimes they improvise games that they make up by themselves! Isn’t that nice and creative? 

Here are some pictures of last week’s playground time for you to enjoy. 

Hope you enjoy!!




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