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Hello families and friends, 

We want to share with you how much fun we had in the Kangaroos, Fishes, Dolphins and Turtles classes learning about the summer season, with the help of Mister Ducky.

We have learned the fruits of summer through songs, images, painting with our hands, pasting colored paper, experimenting with sensory bags. We have also enjoyed the delicious summer fruits such as watermelon and melon. 

We had a great time playing and learning!

We hope you like it. 

We wish you a great summer.



Estimades famílies, Ara que ja només ens queda un mes per acabar el curs, en aquest últim blog us volem oferir un recull dels diferents espais d’aprenentatges amb els quals els vostres fills/es han fet les seves grans descobertes. Descobrint les estacions han pogut...

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