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Dear families and friends, 

These past days and with the help of our friend Mr. Ducky we have been working the Numbers 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 in our English lessons, and we are so excited to show you how we did it!

We have sung and danced fun songs that help us learn and memorize the numbers like the “Five Little Ducks”,  jumping with the “Five Little Monkeys”, playing with the “Five Red Apples” and “Five Little Indians”.

We also tried to signal the numbers with our fingers too!

We are so happy because we are growing so fast!!

Take a look at some of the pictures that we’ve taken!



Dear families and friends, on this month we learned a lot about ourselves.We have been learning and reconizing The parts of our body. Also we have been playing songs of the body such as head shoulders, knees and toes or one little finger. In addition, we enjoyed a lot...



Divendres passat, dins del Projecte d'Escoles + Sostenibles, els nens i nenes de la classe de les Granotes i dels Ocells van rebre la visita de les Girafes, els grans de l'escola, que ens van regalar unes armilles per poder iniciar l' ECOPATRULLA !!! També ens van...

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