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Dear Families and friends, this month has been all about love and friendship, because we celebrated Valentine’s Day , learned a lot of new songs like: “Skidamarink A-dink”, “I Love My Family”, “I Love You”,  and we made a beautiful craft too.

We also continued to learn more of our body parts with fun activities, games, actions and our favorite songs “Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes”, “Hands Up, Hands Down” and “Hands Chant”, all with the help of our dear friend Mr. Ducky.

Take a look!



Hola famílies!Les girafes hem descobert el llimoner de l’escola!Dins del Projecte Alimenta’t amb seny, vam voler conèixer de ben a prop fruites i hortalisses de temporada.Vam visitar als més petitons de l’escola, doncs a la seva terrassa tenen un bonic llimoner. El...

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