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Hello families and friends, 

Now that we are back from Christmas vacation and the season has changed to Winter, the Elephants, Horses and Giraffes have started to work on the winter theme during English class. We would like to show you the activities we have done in class on our first week of school to explore, discover and learn about winter´s special characteristics. 

The Elephants have received the Winter season with games, songs and new vocabulary.

Our elephants had a great time during our snowball fight! The snowballs were frozen!

All the elephants get dressed for the cold event; water boots, gloves, scarfs, coats and wool caps…,  they can not forget about Kelly and Mika! She dressed properly as well. 

During this season the elephants will enjoy practising the new vocabulary and getting ready before going to the playground. 

The Giraffes and Horses have played and worked on different activity stations: drawing winter weather items, making/coloring snowflakes with popsicle sticks and bottle caps, building snowmen out of white clay, dressing up our mascots (Bobby Bear, Flash Fox, Pipo, etc) in winter clothes and practicing letter and writing with the word WINTER. 

Look at our pictures and see for yourselves! Enjoy!

Until next time, 



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