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Dear families and friends, 

Our Elephants, Horses and Giraffes are very excited to show you how our English classes are going! As you can see, we love to learn while playing!

The Elephants love playing with flashcards to learn English words. Memory, Guess What/Guess Who, and Listen and Pick are some of the games we usually play to learn, memorize and motivate ourselves with new vocabulary.

Painting a yellow sun with our finger was incredibly fun! Our Elephants were verbalizing “This is a yellow sun” while painting.

The Horses love coloring and drawing… every blank sheet is a new opportunity to create a piece of art…look at their creations…they are wonderful!  They also like playing with flashcards and singing. These activities are very helpful to reinforce and consolidate new knowledge. 

The oldest ones, the Giraffes, are learning new and different concepts, like left/right, he/she/they. Take a look to see for yourself! Storytelling time is also another of their favorite parts of the lesson… Bobby is always interacting with them, therefore creating a relationship and strong bond.The Giraffes are enjoying a lot during their English classes. 

We hope you enjoy this video. We have made it with much love for you!


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