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Hello families and friends,

We would like to show you a little bit about what we have done in our P2 classes these past few weeks at school!

We had the Halloween party where we sang and danced like skeletons and painted pumpkins and ghosts, what a way to celebrate and learn about the Autumn season! 

And now that Winter is coming soon we are learning about the different and upcoming seasons, introducing new colors and yummy fruits! We are also learning about numbers in a fun and easy way, through songs, rhymes and chants from TET with the help of Mr. Ducky. 

See you next time !!


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WE ARE MAKERS, YES WE ARE! Our STEAM afterschool program has been a total blast these past weeks. As you can see, we have been getting our hands on everything we can! Experiments, constructions, art projects, and letting our imagination flow playing with loose parts...



How beautiful autumn is!

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