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Our curriculum benefits and highlights the abilities of every child by developing their different sensory perceptions, their mobility, and their intellectual skills. In order to do that, we combine traditional methodologies with the latest knowledge trends in education, such as: Maria Montessori, Glenn Doman, Howard Garner, Bernard Aucouturier, Loris Malaguzzi (Reggio Emilia).

Multiple Intelligences

Comprehensive education includes working on the many intelligences of the pupils, as stated by Howard Gardner. In addition, the intellectual abilities are to be complemented with the development of the children’s emotional intelligence.

The education does not just focus on intelligence as a compound of techniques and knowledges, but also as a development of principles and social resources.

Early Learning

During their very first years, the baby and the kid have the greatest potential to learn. Strengthening that, is fundamental for their future development. In our day to day activities, we follow Glenn Doman’s Methodology, in our day to day activities, auditory stimulation, visual stimulation and a program of physical activity (crawling, running, brachiation ladder) are always present. Always making of learning a natural, enriching and joyful experience.

VESS Registered School

A new pedagogical model based on the culture of thinking, a new way of lear of learning based on making our boys and girls reason and question themselves. Through thinking routines, the children learn to understand how information is processed and applied on different situations.


Trilingual School

At Magnòlia, we speak Catalan, Spanish and English on a daily basis.

  • For teaching English in the 0-3 stage, we use the TET (Total English Teaching) method, based on the introduction of English to children within a significant context. English is learned through songs, routines and diverse material, games and songs that allow the kids to easily pick up on some expressions and the phonetics of the language.

  • For teaching English in the 3-6 stage, we use the AMCO method, based on the development of emotional, social and intellectual intelligence. It also implements
    some strategies from Harvard’s Project Zero that allow Visible Thinking in the learning of a foreign language.

Learnig in english


The very first years of the children during the Early Stages of their development are essential for their neuronal, motor and emotional growth. At Magnòlia, we take all of this into account and, thus, we present them with the possibility of using their body to freely express themselves. Also, we provide them with the incentives to feel motivated during psychomotricity class.

The actions performed during this time take place in a comfortable and cozy environment that has been filled with different soft materials for the kids to balance, roll, jump, and hide (0-3). Further on (3-6), harder material is introduced to work on the children reaffirmation. All this is present in the psychomotricity sessions as a daily compliment to the program of physical exercise in Early Learnings.

Music and Art

At Magnòlia, we understand music as a language to awake and develop a kid’s abilities and growth. Children understand and welcome music as a means of communication and self-expression; as well as a fun element that brings comfort and enjoyment.

Music, also help us develop our memory, concentration and coordination of the different parts of our bodies. The rhythm, psychomotricity, stimulation of the senses, the imagination and sensitivity, the ability to listen and move our bodies are awakened by music.
Musical auditions, songs, instruments, dances and games, are a part of our everyday routine.

The art workshop, allows the children in school to experiment and manipulate different materials and techniques that allow them to unfold their creativity and imagination.

The projector, the lights table, natural elements, the case of scents, modelling, paints and clothing open up a chance for the children to express spontaneous masterpieces.

Eco School

Magnòlia School for Children is a part of Barcelona Council’s Sustainable Schools since the year 2004. From Magnòlia we have done our bit, within our project, to raise awareness for the environment by recycling, saving water, taking care of trees and plants hand by hand with our surroundings and with the use of the composter.

This program is thought to facilitate the involvement of different school centre in a global project to imagine and build a better and sustainable world for the children’s future.

Emotional Education

At Magnolia, we boost an environment where children feel loved and protected. We do so through personal motivation to overcome challenges and move forward in the understanding of their surroundings and themselves. That is how we achieve a solid and comprehensive education for a lifetime.


We understand that the collaboration and participation of families is key in education. That is why we favour the daily contact of the families with the teacher of each student due to the importance of working together. that is how we can favour a total and safe development.


We are a member of UNESCO associated Schools Project Network since 1997. The UNESCO associated Schools Project Network was created in 1953 to “encourage cooperation and international peace through school education”.

At the school, we aim to educate in principles of solidarity, tolerance and respect, to their schoolmates and to others. Also, getting to know different cultures and ways of thinking and living, is part of the learning process that will make the child flourish.

Annual Project

In our school, every school year holds a different project with different and specific learning goals that create the unifying thread to all of the daily activities.

This way, every single educative actions taken inside and outside of the school, follow the guidelines for the pedagogical line of education that are taking on by the staff members. This facilitates the diversity of content and achievements that gather the most updates techniques in pedagogy.

A Solidary School

Magnòlia School takes part of different projects in collaboration with diverse entities to strengthen principles such as empathy and solidarity in our girls and boys. One of our most important projects is “School to School”, run by the Fundació Vicente Ferrer.

Our 5 Year olds share, every single year, their reality with a school in India. They send reciprocal letters and material, crafts and photographs of their surroundings. Moreover, the school collaborates organising a food, clothes and toys collection campaigns for families in need.

Ioga Teacher Training

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Seguint la línia del Magnòlia d’intentar acompanyar el creixement de l’infant de la forma més completa i tenint en compte tots els àmbits de desenvolupament de cada un d’ells i elles. hem introduït a l’escola el ioga infantil, conduït  per Miss Lucía Beltrame, Yoga Teacher Training. Les sessions es duran a terme en anglès, seguint en la nostra línia d’immersió lingüística anglesa a l’escola.

¿Què aconseguirem amb les sessions?

– Control del cos.

– Millorar l’autoestima.

– Canalitzar l’energia.

– Incorporació d’hàbits saludables.

Yoga Wheel

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