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Hello families and our friends!  

This time we want to show you how we were learning the professions! We have used a mystery box game with the tools of doctors, dentists, firefighters, hairdressers, teachers, musicians, artists, basketball and soccer players, chefs, carpenters, etc. We have also learned what vehicles are used by police officers, pilots, farmers, soldiers, etc.

As you can see, children have enjoyed and learned a lot! They not only learned the vocabulary but have also used their imagination in wondering about “when I grow up, I want to be”.

We hope you enjoy the moments we share with you!



Divendres passat, dins del Projecte d'Escoles + Sostenibles, els nens i nenes de la classe de les Granotes i dels Ocells van rebre la visita de les Girafes, els grans de l'escola, que ens van regalar unes armilles per poder iniciar l' ECOPATRULLA !!! També ens van...

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